Cosmetic Tattooing Information

If you're here for feather touch or a combination brow its safe to say you've seen photos of Tessa's work. Its textured, natural & can breathe life back into abused brows. Also known as hair stroke brows, microblading & brow embroidery this treatment uses a tiny row of needles to scratch carefully crafted lines into the skin to mimic natural hair growth. Less is more, feather touch must be layered in a series of sessions, in your first session we will plan & lay the foundation for your new brows. You can expect up to 80% of the colour to fade in your first appointment while we get used to your skin & how our pigments work with it.

4 - 8 weeks later once your skin is nicely healed and deemed predictable, we will really pull out all of our tricks to give you your dream brow. But wait, Megan Fox & Kim K brows aren’t an option for everyone, Tessa is going to take you through what's achievable during your consultation. 

The longevity of your new brows depend on how well you care for them, & the suitability of your skin to hold pigment. For best results will be colour-refreshed annually.

All brow treatments are done by certified brow artist Tessa Jenkins